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Sketched some Gurren Lagann :)
Why? I don’t know
Comics - Chapter 1 Page 11 :: Greed Obsession Destruction

A new page of my webcomic is online! I’m really proud of this one, I think it’s my best page in the ones we released :) 

SO! I finally decided to continue the 30 monster girl challenge, but I’m not going to draw one per day and as you can see, I drew this one on paper. I may draw them digitally after the challenge or when I’ll feel like it ^.^Also, I may try different drawing techniques in this challenge to keep up my motivation.
Here’s the succubus (that looks like a simple demon…)! Next one will be the “true monster”… if someone could explain me this monster I’d be very happy, ‘cause I don’t know what it’s supposed to be.
I just really like them two together, not sorry
Why did I
There’s my first fan art of the anime Gurren Lagann that I watched entirely this week, in two days… I don’t think I’ll draw mechas, but there are some other characters that I’d like to draw too!
G.O.D. - Webcomic

Page 9 of my webcomic is online!