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Art only most of the time!
I’m gonna post a lot of WIPs of this artwork, hope you’ll appreciate that :)So many details to draw holy…
Since I’ve drawn the 2 other Syndra skins, I have to draw the new one: Atlantean Syndra.
When you look at the two first (Classic - Justicar), you can see that I improved a lot. I want to do something really amazing with Atlantean Syndra, that will look better than the Justicar one!
So yeah, here’s the first WIP preview. Flat colours are done, let’s work on the details then the shading/lighting.
Comics - Chapter 1 Page 12 :: Greed Obsession Destruction

New page of my webcomic is up! Introducing a new character: Sierra!

The two on the bottom are my creations, all the others are some references from real pictures. It has been so long I haven’t drawn dragons… Before drawing human characters, I only drew dragons… But they looked reeaaallly bad (just like the ones on the top left ewww)
I expected that the proportions would look strange once it’s scanned, anyway here are some sketches I did today :)
Sketched some Gurren Lagann :)
Why? I don’t know
Comics - Chapter 1 Page 11 :: Greed Obsession Destruction

A new page of my webcomic is online! I’m really proud of this one, I think it’s my best page in the ones we released :) 

SO! I finally decided to continue the 30 monster girl challenge, but I’m not going to draw one per day and as you can see, I drew this one on paper. I may draw them digitally after the challenge or when I’ll feel like it ^.^Also, I may try different drawing techniques in this challenge to keep up my motivation.
Here’s the succubus (that looks like a simple demon…)! Next one will be the “true monster”… if someone could explain me this monster I’d be very happy, ‘cause I don’t know what it’s supposed to be.
I just really like them two together, not sorry