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Blood queen Syndra WIP - League of Legends

I don’t usually use references, but here I did and I think I’m learning a lot by doing that!

Also: this is my (fake) splash art for my fan skin Blood queen Syndra!

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Ryuko Matoi and Aikuro Mikisugi - Kill la Kill

A little cheap shooting of our cosplays before heading to the event. Someday we will get a better and awesome shooting, my friend may cosplay Harime Nui at this time!

My eyes are so not identical, it’s bugging me.. But it’s always strange to see pictures or ourselves.

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Some progress on my Blood Queen Syndra splash. Now you can see the colors!

I love my drawings when they’re flats only, it looks like they were made with vectors. But it’s not and I’m going to paint it in a realistic style!

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Hi just saw your post of the weapons from mh and was wondering how you did them what you used and if your ever made the armor and if you have any blueprints you can share or make if some one wanted to request one If they want to make cosplay outfit and any tips you can give in making them

Asked by gayneko

Here’s how I made the scissor blade, the first one in the post. It’s very similar when it comes to cut the sword and add layers of foam board to reproduce the shape, but the Snow Siren is a lot bigger. Maybe some posts in there should help you too. And I used paper mache for my MH instead of plaster (there’s a texture).

I don’t have any blueprints… I sketched the concept and the sword on paper, calculating the length and other stuff, but it’s pretty illegible.. I had to think a lot about where it has to be thicker and stuff. The only models of Snow Siren I had were the tiny picture on the wiki plus the model in the actual game, that was also pretty small.

But the great response from the internet community makes me think I should get into it more and maybe try to sell my weapons online, help by making blueprints and models. I still have one year of school, maybe after!

I did not start to make armor or outfits, maybe I’ll try to work on one in the future, so I don’t have any advice about it..

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Hello, I saw your weapon you made and it looks amazing. I would like to know what material you used to make them. I make props myself as well and I am interested in your work.

Asked by xdarkxflarex

Wow thank you so much, there’s actually someone who asked me the same thing, you should find the post here. There are also some posts about the making of the scissor blade and some tips!

Since yesterday, there were so many good reactions on tumblr, I think I’m going to post the progress of my next weapons in there, that should be the scythe for Dead Master from BRS, my next cosplay. :)

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Holy shit, that Snow Siren is amazing! I always wanted to try making some of these, do you have any tip on materials and tools?

Asked by dragoblah


- The exacto knife is essential + foam boards, the size you need.
- When you’ll have to stick the pieces of foamboard together, I suggest you use double-sided tape instead of hot glue, because this create a certain gap between the pieces…
- I painted my sword with acrylic.
-  For stability, the best is to start with a basic 2d shape of the weapon and create the thickness by adding layers on both sides. This base should not be made of many pieces (1 or 2 pieces. 1 being the best for a strong longsword).
- I don’t know what else I could say… There’s also this video, the person used a technique very similar to mine and it helped me a lot when crafting my sword :) Maybe she’ll explain it better than me since I’m not so confident in talking in english!
- And don’t be afraid if it gets messy just like this!! (I wish I had a big table so I don’t work on the ground.. ouch the back pains I got…)

(interesting pictures)


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Hello! I was wondering how you made your Ryuko scissor blade

Asked by Anonyme

Thank you very much for your interest :)

Here’s a (accurate I hope) step by step of the crafting! 


Be sure to read the descriptions under each pictures.

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Whats the white material you used for the monster hunter blade, and did it come in a big block or did you stack pieces till it had the right dimensions? Thanks for any response and great job on the props :)

Asked by konono

I used big foam boards / foam core and yeah, I stacked pieces until I get the right shape.

+ : I actually don’t have any pictures of it, but after I was done carving the foam, I spread paper mache all over it so it has a nice texture and the sword’s pieces hold together better.

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Hey everyone! Let’s take some time to show you one of my interest and… talent!

They’re my first props ever and I’m very proud of what I’ve done. I learned a lot by crafting them and finding solutions by myself. If you want to know how I did them and have particular questions, I’ll happily reply to you and share my technique! I suppose the ask box would be appropriated for this.

I’m now addicted and I want to make EVERY WEAPON IN ALL THE GAMES! 

And sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. When I’ll have some pictures of my Ryuko Matoi cosplay, I think I’m going to post them here.

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First preview for the splash of my fan skin Blood Queen Syndra, my fav champion from League of Legends

I can’t wait to start painting, but school is starting tomorrow and I may run out of time to do it as fast as I want. I’m totally sure at least that I’m going to finish it someday!

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Here’s a skin idea for my favorite champion! I may do a splash art / painting of it later. I love it!

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Fiora - League of Legends

The recent splash art for Headhunter Caitlyn inspired me a lot for the ambiance of this drawing. When I first saw this splash art, I was so impressed… I want to draw like this SO MUCH. The texture of the metal is rendered so well and… the light and… everything is so amazing in all the recent splash arts for this game. x_x

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Sketched Snowstorm Sivir from League of Legends. I particularly like the snow falling in front of her…

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Dark Valkyrie Diana - League of Legends

Felt like drawing a portrait and work on it until I’m satisfied. Last one is when I put a black background instead of a gradient, I was surprised by the result that I really like too! (I don’t play that champion…)

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Katarina - League of Legends

I just started to learn this champ, she’s pretty fun!

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