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"You (Your touch 3)"
Illustration commissioned by Landratt, LLC for their card game : www.karacterz.com/We worked really hard together to change everything that wasn’t okay and produce a great illustration at the end.I think it was nice and fun to work with them!
Work in progress, soon gonna paint it in a realistic style.
It’s my OC Seth.
Illustration commissioned by Landratt, LLC for their card game : Karacterz
I will work on some other illustrations for them so it’s a very nice opportunity for me. It’s like… my first commission ever.This technique is very different from what I used to do a lot before. With this project, I will improve my style a lot so I am really grateful towards them.
I drew this for fun, I can say this is my favorite character in Scott Pilgrim.
Hey everyone!! Sorry for not posting a lot! I’ve been working on some projects such as my webcomic. A new page will be out on Saturday morning!
I finally finished this Atlantean Syndra piece I started like a month ago. I’m so proud of it… It’s a lot better than my Justicar Syndra and even more better than my first Syndra painting. I really love working in this style, the results are always stunning and working on the ambiance is very fun.
"Your touch 2"
"Your touch"
Well I did not realized it earlier, but I finally reached 100 (+1) FOLLOWERS!Wow that’s very amazing O_o But I don’t know what to do to celebrate it… 
I think I’m going to draw something special for this, but I don’t know what… Do you have any ideas :) ?
Only lovers left alive. This movie touched me like nothing ever did… I would watch it over and over again. It was some dark and deep romance that, I wish, could be real.
Loving like that is unreal. This was fiction, but could it be possible? Love is so much more. Love cannot be just words. Love can create strong feelings. Do you understand how deep it can be? It would be unbelievable if you felt the same.
I sense some darkness inside of me, are you able to bring the hapiness I need? Could you only handle all the thoughts that come to my mind everyday? I am a dark creature first. I am also human, but I don’t feel like one. I won’t ever love like nornal humans. Could we do it together? It would be perfect…
I’m gonna post a lot of WIPs of this artwork, hope you’ll appreciate that :)So many details to draw holy…