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Here’s a skin idea for my favorite champion! I may do a splash art / painting of it later. I love it!

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Fiora - League of Legends

The recent splash art for Headhunter Caitlyn¬†inspired me a lot for the ambiance of this drawing. When I first saw this splash art, I was so impressed… I want to draw like this SO MUCH. The texture of the metal is rendered so well and… the light and… everything is so amazing in all the recent splash arts for this game. x_x

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Sketched Snowstorm Sivir from League of Legends. I particularly like the snow falling in front of her…

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Dark Valkyrie Diana - League of Legends

Felt like drawing a portrait and work on it until I’m satisfied. Last one is when I put a black background instead of a gradient, I was surprised by the result that I really like too! (I don’t play that champion…)

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Katarina - League of Legends

I just started to learn this champ, she’s pretty fun!

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Arcade Miss Fortune - League of Legends

I guess I needed to sketch something colorful and pink and stuff? I think the design is pretty cool, but I don’t usually play ADC.

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Blade Queen Lissandra - League of Legends

I redrew the skin because I like it a lot and I wanted to practice my realistic style, next step : draw a fan skin for a champion.

And I still have to practice at drawing backgrounds.

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Illustration commissioned by Landratt, LLC for their card game : www.karacterz.com/

We worked really hard together to change everything that wasn’t okay and produce a great illustration at the end.
I think it was nice and fun to work with them!

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Work in progress, soon gonna paint it in a realistic style.

It’s my OC Seth.

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So there was this drawing (on the left).. that I never really liked… Not just because it’s old, but I think it was the colours and ambiance that I don’t like. I decided to work on the file a little bit and I like it a lot more!

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Illustration commissioned by Landratt, LLC for their card game : Karacterz

I will work on some other illustrations for them so it’s a very nice opportunity for me. It’s like… my first commission ever.
This technique is very different from what I used to do a lot before. With this project, I will improve my style a lot so I am really grateful towards them.

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I drew this for fun, I can say this is my favorite character in Scott Pilgrim.

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